This article focuses on importing your inventory levels from WooCommerce to Katana during the initial connection.

During the initial connection of Katana x WooCommerce integration, you can choose whether to import stock levels for products from WooCommerce to Katana.

We recommend importing your product stock levels from WooCommerce if you keep track of correct product stock levels in WooCommerce. This way, you can quickly get your stock levels from WooCommerce to Katana. You can then immediately see the Sales items availability and Ingredients availability for all your Sales orders (SO) in Katana.

If switched ON, all inventory levels of products will be imported from WooCommerce to Katana. A Stock adjustment is created in Katana for recording those stock levels. Navigate to Stock screen > Stock adjustments tab in Katana to find the relevant Stock Adjustment. Read more below about how the imported stock levels are calculated. You can edit the Stock adjustment at any time after it has been created.

During the initial connection, you need to determine the initial cost for the product stock for Katana. Read more here.

If switched OFF, stock levels for products will not be imported from WooCommerce to Katana.

To which location are stock levels imported?

If you have created multiple locations in Katana, you can select a Katana location to which your WooCommerce store is connected. Initial stock levels are imported to the defined location. Read more.

Which stock levels are imported from WooCommerce?

Although one might assume that WooCommerce Stock quantities are the same as the In stock quantities for products in Katana, this might not be the case for all your products. This is how the In stock quantity for products imported from WooCommerce is calculated in Katana:

"In stock" in Katana = Stock quantity in WooCommerce + Stock existing on open Sales Orders

In WooCommerce, the Stock quantity for a product displays the inventory available for sales. Therefore, Stock in WooCommerce is decreased immediately when a SO is created, not when the SO is completed.

In Katana, the In stock quantity for a product is not decreased when a SO is created and is still open, but only after the SO is Packed or Delivered. Commitments to open Sales orders are reflected in the Committed quantity for a product.

Therefore, the Stock quantity in WooCommerce does not match the In stock quantity in Katana. The difference comes from inventory that is committed to open Sales orders.

When connecting WooCommerce to Katana, we import all open Sales orders from WooCommerce to Katana. As a result, the "Committed" amount for related products increases in Katana. If you are looking to reconcile the stock levels imported from WooCommerce to Katana, then use the following calculation:

Stock quantity in WooCommerce = In stock in Katana - Committed quantity in Katana


- The Stock quantity for "Product A" shows 7 pcs in WooCommerce.

- I have a sales order in "Processing" status in WooCommerce for 3 pcs of "Product A".

- When I connect Katana to Woocommerce and select to import initial stock to Katana, then the "In stock" quantity in Katana will show 10 pcs for "Product A". Katana will also import the open Sales Order and display a "Committed" quantity for "Product A" of 3 pcs.

If you do not have any open Sales Orders for a product, then the Stock quantity in WooCommerce matches the "In stock" quantity in Katana.

When should I switch the initial stock import ON?

We recommend switching ON the initial stock import during the initial connection of WooCommerce x Katana integration to get your stock levels easily into Katana. But import your product stock levels from WooCommerce only if you keep track of correct product stock levels in WooCommerce.

When you are reconnecting to WooCommerce or reconfiguring the integration settings, you opt-out from syncing stock levels by default. We suggest keeping it switched OFF to avoid importing double stock levels into Katana. Only switch it ON during reconnection or reconfiguration if you have cleared all your data in Katana and wish to start fresh, or if you have deleted the Stock Adjustment that was created during the initial connection for recording stock levels in Katana.

If you have accidentally re-imported your stock levels in double, you can find and delete the related Stock Adjustment that was created for recording the stock levels in Katana in Stock screen > Stock adjustments tab.

Note: If you are mapping multiple WooCommerce stores to one Katana location and have the same products across many stores, then be aware that importing initial stock levels for the same product from multiple WooCommerce stores will add stock levels to Katana more than once. If it has happened, it's relatively easy to fix it. Just find and delete the related Stock adjustment that was created for recording the additional stock levels in Katana in Stock screen > Stock adjustments tab.

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