Duplicating a Stock Adjustment (SA) is an easy way to create a new SA that has similar attributes to an existing document.

A standard use case for duplicating Stock Adjustments is to record the results of stock counts. If you synced your stock levels from Shopify, imported items and stock using our spreadsheet template, or entered stock levels to Katana manually, there's a good chance that you have an existing SA that lists all (or most) your items. Duplicating this SA will create a new one with all your items listed, so you don't have to add item rows to it manually when recording the results of the stock count.

Stock Adjustment Reason and line items will be copied to the new SA. Adjustment quantities will not be copied and will be left blank, so you need to fill in those fields or delete item rows not needed on this SA before the Stock Adjustment is saved.

A new Stock Adjustment # will be automatically created and the Adjustment Date will be set to the day of creating the duplicate.

To duplicate a Stock Adjustment:

  1. Navigate to the Stock screen, select the Stock adjustments tab and click on a Stock Adjustment to open a SA card.

  2. Click on 3-dots at the top corner of the Stock Adjustment card and select "Duplicate" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Katana will then duplicate the Stock Adjustment and open a newly created document card.

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