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Viewing and exporting historical stock
Viewing and exporting historical stock

Access and export historical stock data for specific dates in Katana for accurate records.

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Katana allows you to view and export historical stock levels from specific dates, essential for bookkeeping and inventory management. This lets you select a date and review stock quantities and values as they were, supporting accurate financial reporting and retrospective analysis.

Inventory in Katana updates automatically in live and always displays the latest actual stock situation, but you can also go back in time to check the historical stock quantities and values for a certain date in the past.

The live inventory view displays the Value in stock, quantities you have In stock, Expected, Committed, your Safety stock level, and the total Calculated stock quantity. The historical stock view only displays the Value in stock and the quantity In stock on the selected date.

To view stock balance from a certain date

  1. Go to the Stock screen.

  2. Find the Date picker from the top right corner of the table. By default, the value is set to Today, displaying the latest current stock.

    Date option on the stock screen

  3. Click on Today and select a date.

  4. Katana will display stock quantity and value for items based on the selected date.

  5. To go back to the live view, click on the date and select Today.

    Shows where you can click to bring the live view back on the stock screen

    You can also export historical stock levels to a CSV file by clicking on the Export button when a Date filter has been applied.

    Export option on the Stock screen

    The CSV should look like this, displaying the stock at the selected date:

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