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Planning and anticipated stock levels
Planning and anticipated stock levels

Manage and predict stock levels in Katana to improve inventory planning.

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Katana's planning tools help with anticipating and managing stock levels effectively. The system calculates anticipated stock levels based on sales orders, purchase orders, and production schedules, providing a comprehensive view of future inventory needs.

By leveraging these tools, businesses can avoid stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and improve operational efficiency. Understanding how to plan and forecast stock levels is essential for maintaining a balanced and responsive inventory system.

Note: Katana's Planning and Forecasting is an add-on available for everyone on Standard, Professional & Professional Plus.

Forecasting and Visualizing Anticipated stock

The planning aspect of Katana's Planning and Forecasting add-on lets you forecast future inventory needs and visualize anticipated inventory levels across different locations โ€” all based on sales, purchase, manufacturing, and outsourcing orders. This tool helps you anticipate inventory requirements and ensure you have adequate stock levels to meet demand.

  • Location-based Inventory Planning: Monitor and plan inventory by location.

  • Future Inventory Levels: View projections of inventory levels for upcoming periods to aid in the prevention of stockouts or excess inventory.

  • Order Tracking: Track sales, manufacturing, and outsourced orders (OPO) to manage upcoming commitments.

  • Advanced Filtering: Provides detailed filtering options to focus on specific items, SKUs, or issues within the inventory.

Planning tab in the plan screen showing an expected stockout

Forecast Demand

Using demand forecasting, within the included forecast, leverages historical sales data to predict future demand, allowing you to adjust inventory planning and procurement strategies accordingly.

Just turn on the Activate forecast demand toggle to try it out.

Highlights the forecast demand toggle on the replenishment tab of the plan screen

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