You can't partially deliver sales order rows that have linked Manufacturing order (MO) on a Sales order. But here are steps to follow to get this scenario covered.

What if you're Making-to-Order for the Sales order?

The partial delivery flow if you're Making-to-Order includes different steps than usual because there's a more vital link between the Manufacturing order (MO) and the SO. Changes need to be made for both sales and manufacturing.

Partial delivery most often arises when the production is finished for specific items that you wish to ship out before the production is finished for all required items.

The following example covers this scenario.

Follow these steps for partial delivery if you created a Make-to-Order MO for the item(s) on the SO:

  1. Create a new MO to make products to stock. Click on the global "+" icon at the top of the screen and select + Manufacturing order.

  2. On the new MO, add the item(s) and quantity that is finished production and ready to ship out.

  3. Mark the MO Production status as Done.

  4. Open the SO you want to partially deliver.

  5. Duplicate the SO.

  6. (Optional) Changing the SO # to match the original SO. This makes it easier to identify them in the future.

  7. On the duplicated SO, adjust the quantities of items by inserting the quantities that you wish to deliver now. These quantities should match the quantities of the MO from the previous 2-3 steps.

  8. Mark the Delivery status of the duplicated SO to Delivered.

  9. Go back to the original SO and adjust the number of items to reflect the amount that still needs to be delivered (i.e. decrease the quantity by the amount already delivered). The quantities on the related Make-to-Order Manufacturing orders will be automatically adjusted.

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