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In this section you will find everything related to Sales

How to use the Sell screenNavigate Katana's Sell screen with ease: manage sales orders, track inventory, and update customer details efficiently.
How to create a sales orderCreating sales orders: from manual entry to e-commerce sync, manage multi-channel sales effortlessly.
How to manage Sales order prioritiesOptimize sales operations in Katana by managing order priorities to align with inventory and production schedules.
Sales item availabilityOptimize sales with Katana’s real-time product availability statuses for SOs
Sales order Delivery statusesTrack and manage delivery statuses in Katana for efficient sales order processing.
Video: Sales Items and Ingredients AvailabilityThis video explains how the Sales items availability and Ingredients availability statuses for orders work in Katana.
Delivering a Sales orderLearn to manage and update delivery statuses in Katana.
Partially delivering a Sales order when Making-to-OrderEfficiently manage partial deliveries for Make-to-Order sales in Katana.
Duplicating a Sales orderSave time by duplicating similar orders
Reverting a Sales order from Done to OpenEasily revert a Done sales order to Open to modify order details as needed.
Exporting a Sales orderExport sales orders to .xlsx or .csv formats for detailed product-level sales analysis.
Deleting a Sales orderQuickly and safely delete sales orders in Katana, freeing up inventory and resources.
Changing the Location on Sales ordersChange SO locations to update inventory statuses across multiple locations.
Managing bundlesStreamline sales with bundle management: create, sell, and deliver product bundles.
Adding discounts to Sales ordersApply discounts on sales orders to manage pricing effectively across channels.