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Updating a price list
Updating a price list

Update price lists in Katana to ensure current pricing and product offerings.

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Updating a price list in Katana allows for the modification of prices and adjustment methods of products. This process ensures that your sales strategy remains flexible and current.

If you want to update a price list, just open up the price list and edit it from there.

Remove an item or customer from price list

To remove an item or customer, just use the trash bin icon at the end of the row (for that item or customer).

Highlighted trashbin icon on the price list

Editing a price on the price list

To edit either the Adjustment method field or amount field, just click on the cell and edit it to your choosing.

Highlighted changing fields on a price list

What happens when you update a price list

If a price list is updated (either by changing a price or adding/removing a customer), any pre-existing sales orders using the price list will remain unaffected. The update will only affect new sales orders.

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