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Managing customer addresses
Managing customer addresses

Efficiently manage customer addresses in Katana for billing and shipping, ensuring accurate deliveries and invoicing.

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Discover how to seamlessly manage billing and shipping addresses using Katana's customer cards. Whether you're adding multiple shipping addresses or updating billing details, this article guides you through optimizing address management for sales orders and customer profiles, ensuring accuracy in every transaction.

Katana uses a customer card to manage customer data (which includes contact info).

Addresses are used on Sales orders (SO) for shipping workflows.

Read more about shipping here.

Customer's in Katana can have a billing address, default shipping address, and multiple shipping addresses

Managing addresses on customer cards

  1. Go to Contacts screen > Customers table and choose a customer or create a customer.

    Contacts screen in Katana

    Customer card in Katana

  2. There are two types of addresses:

    1. Billing address - the address connected to the payer of goods.

    2. Shipping address - the physical address where an order is delivered. Under shipping addresses, you can add multiple addresses if your customer has multiple physical locations.

  3. The address marked as default on the customer card will automatically be used when creating a sales order.

  4. Clicking on an address field opens a pop-up to edit the data. Click Ok to save the address.

    Address pop-up to edit address

    To use addresses on a SO, you don't have to add them up on the customer card - you can always add an address directly on the SO. Read more about SO addresses

Creating multiple shipping addresses on a customer card

  1. Open a customer card and click + Add address under Other shipping addresses.

    Multiple shipping addresses
  2. A pop-up will open where you can enter the shipping address details. Click Ok once you've finished.

    Shipping address editable pop-up

  3. To change the default shipping address for a customer, click the 3-dots icon and select Set as default. This will move the previous default address under Other shipping addresses, and the selected address becomes the new default.

    Setting an address as default

  4. To delete an address, use the 3-dots icon and select Delete.

Managing multiple shipping addresses on a sales order

If you have a customer with several shipping locations and a different billing address. Katana helps you manage all related addresses under one customer card.

If your customer has multiple shipping addresses, select the address you want by opening the SO and clicking on the Shipping address field and choosing Select another address.

Shipping address pop-up

Katana lists all the addresses set up on a customer card. Select one and the SO shipping address will update.

Selecting another shipping address

Note: If you're connected to an accounting or e-commerce platform, you can go through the reconfiguration flow to re-import all your customers and sync all your customer addresses to Katana.

Read more on how to trigger resync from these articles: Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

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