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Changing WooCommerce connection configurations
Changing WooCommerce connection configurations

How to change WooCommerce connection configurations?

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To change the WooCommerce connection setting after you have completed the initial connection to Katana, navigate to Settings screen > Integrations and click on Reconfigure next to the WooCommerce integration logo.

You can change all the settings that you selected during the initial connecting of Katana and WooCommerce, including:

- Define to which Katana location your WooCommerce store is connected.

- Sync all WooCommerce products to Katana.

- Sync all WooCommerce customers and customer addresses to Katana.

- Select a default tax rate used to define Default sales prices for products in Katana.

- Whether to import stock levels from WooCommerce to Katana.

Caution: We suggest to opt out from importing stock levels during reconfiguration in most cases to avoid double importing of stock levels to Katana. This would create a new Stock adjustment in Katana, adjusting the In stock quantities for products in Katana be adding any inventory quantities from WooCommerce quantities in Katana.

- Whether to sync order fulfillment statuses between Katana and WooCommerce.

TIP: Resyncing products and customers

Going through the configuration wizard again is a good way of retriggering syncs for products and customers. If you have created products or customers in WooCommerce that might not have already synced to Katana (as they have not yet appeared on any synced Sales orders), then complete the wizard again to resync all missing products and customers with addresses.

Changes to already imported Sales orders will not be applied

Please note that any changes to previously imported Sales orders will not be applied, even if the changed configuration should affect those Sales orders in some way. For example, if any Sales orders were marked as Completed in WooCommerce during the period when Katana was disconnected, the fulfillment status will not be synced for already existing Sales orders in Katana. The fulfillment status will be synced for all new Sales orders imported in the future.

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