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Managing sales order addresses
Managing sales order addresses

Learn to manage shipping and billing addresses on sales orders in Katana.

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Managing shipping and billing addresses on sales orders is fundamental to sales operations. This guide explains the process of adding, editing, and applying different addresses for billing and shipping purposes. It also covers how addresses from integrated e-commerce platforms are handled.

Read about how addresses are handled on e-commerce orders (Shopify, WooCommerce) or explore our shipping platform integrations.

There are two kinds of addresses on a sales order (SO):

  • Billing address is the address connected to the payer of the goods.

  • Shipping address is the physical address where the order is delivered.

By default, the Shipping address is the same as the Billing, but you always adjust this.

Adding an address to a sales order:

  1. Create a SO or Quote by clicking on the global "+" button.

    Highlights creating a quote or sales order using the quick-add menu

  2. Add a customer to the order. If the customer's addresses have already been set up on the customer card, the SO will be have the addresses prefilled.

  3. Click on Bill to to enter the billing address or Ship to for shipping.

    Shows a sales order card with the Bill to and Ship to fields highlighted

  4. Clicking on an address field open a window where you can enter address details.

    Address details popup box

    TIP: Try typing in an address to "Address line 1" and select an address from the dropdown. Katana uses Google address search to helps fill in the address details.

  5. Once the necessary address details are filled, click Ok.

    Address box showing details
  6. Click on the Ship to field and enter a different shipping address (if needed).

    Sales order order with a filled in shipping address

If the addresses data is added and you are ready to ship, Katana can help you with:

Other useful information

  • Adding an address to an order doesn't affect the customer's default addresses. The Addresses on an order can be different from the customer address as customer addresses are not added via SO.

  • Setting your order to Delivered will disable address editing.

  • Orders received through e-commerce platforms will carry the address information.

  • Generating an invoice in an accounting platform (Xero, QuickBooks) will include the address information on the invoice.

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