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Adding tracking info to a Sales order
Adding tracking info to a Sales order

Learn how to add order tracking information directly into Katana

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Tracking information is added during the shipping process once labels have been printed and assigned.

Katana supports adding a shipping partner's tracking number and online tracking URL directly to a Sales order (SO).

In order to help automate your shipping workflows, Katana supports tracking information via our public API to be used to integrate with external shipping platforms.

Adding tracking info to your sales order:

  1. Open Katana and create a SO or open an existing one.

  2. Click on the Tracking info field to add or edit info.

  3. Clicking on the field opens a pop-up window where you can add:

    • Tracking number - shipment tracking number you received from a carrier

    • Tracking link - link to online tracking data about the shipment

  4. Click OK once you have entered the info.

  5. After adding the URL you can open the link by clicking on the tracking number.

  6. Once the tracking number is added you can print out the packing list and deliver your shipment.

    The tracking number is barcode readable on the printout template which makes it easier for external partners to identify the shipment.

Additional info about Tracking Numbers

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