ShippyPro integration

ShippyPro can automate shipping management workflow, print labels in bulk, and track order status

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Integrate with ShippyPro to scale your business delivery speed and efficiency.


The integration enables you to:

  • Import orders to ship from Katana to ShippyPro

  • Update Katana Sales order (SO) status based on ShippyPro order status

  • Sync tracking number from ShippyPro to Katana

Connecting Katana to ShippyPro

  1. Create an account in ShippyPro

    1. ShippyPro has an extensive library of shipping carriers and supports Generic Carriers, but you can proceed with the integration even if you don't have an active contract.

  2. When the option to choose your "Sales Channel(s)", appears, select Katana.

    NOTE: if you skip adding Katana as a Sales Channel now, you can still add it later.

  3. From your ShippyPro profile, select Marketplaces and find Katana

  4. Click on "Link my account: Katana" to start the connection:

    • Enable Update my Katana profile with shipped orders tracking numbers and mark as shipped

  5. You'll then be redirected to the Katana login page to log in and complete the connection.

That's it! πŸŽ‰ You've now successfully connected Katana to ShippyPro and any Not shipped and Packed Sales orders with an existing Ship to address will be imported to ShippyPro from Katana within 15 minutes.

NOTE: After the initial connection, you may need to wait up to 30 minutes before you begin shipping with ShippyPro.

Find out more:

Shipping a SO via ShippyPro

  1. First head to ShippyPro and set up a Carrier

  2. If there aren't any Sales orders imported to ShippyPro from Katana, make your way to Katana and go to Sell Screen > Sales orders tab > Open table and select an SO which contains a Ship to address (a Ship to address is required for the SO to import to ShippyPro).

    NOTE: Only Not Shipped and Packed Sales orders import to ShippyPro

  3. Navigate to ShippyPro and select Label creator > To Ship from the left side menu.

  4. Find the SO and open it to expand the transaction details.

    1. You should see the following data imported from Katana:

      • Recipient data from the customer shipping address on the SO

      • Shipment related content from the SO line items (a red exclamation mark ❗ means that the order contains two or more line items)

      • If there is a yellow background, this indicates that the order has a note containing a SO number from Katana

  5. (Optional) Select Edit if you need to update any information and then click Save.

    NOTE: Detail field changes do not sync between the systems after an order has already been imported to ShippyPro. Find out here how To Ship works.

  6. Create a shipment and adjust the shipping information as needed (weight and dimensions of the package, etc).

  7. Click Next step to continue and choose your preferred carrier option.

    Once the shipping has been confirmed by clicking Send in ShippyPro, the status will sync back to Katana and labels will be ready to be printed within a few minutes within the Shipping Labels section.

    • A Tracking number and Tracking URL link are sent to Katana

    • If Katana SO status is Not shipped, it will update to Packed

  8. To fulfill the order, change the status to Delivered in Katana.

All tracking information and status updates happen at the time of the shipment process in ShippyPro. When an order is marked as Delivered in Katana, no further updates will happen.

If you disconnect Katana Marketplace from ShippyPro, you will no longer be able to import orders from Katana. Read here about shipping orders from Marketplaces.

Quick Setup Recap

  1. Create an account in ShippyPro.

  2. If there isn't a SO from Katana in ShippyPro, go to Katana and add a Ship to address to a SO in Not shipped or Packed status to push the SO to ShippyPro.

    1. Add a description and dimensions according to your carrier preference

    2. Send the shipment and print labels in bulk

  3. The SO status inside Katana is updated to Packed and a Tracking number added.

  4. Mark your SO as Delivered in Katana once it has reached your customer.

If you need any help with setup or customizing the workflow, you can contact the ShippyPro team by selecting the Help bubble or using their Contact page.

NOTE: At the moment, this integration does not support Katana's Shipping fee

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