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ShipStation integration (via Extensiv)
ShipStation integration (via Extensiv)

Fulfill your orders with ShipStation, a fast and simple web-based shipping software that makes your life easier.

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ShipStation is a multi-channel shipping solution that is used to fulfill sales order deliveries and can be connected to Katana through Extensiv Integration Manager.

With this integration, you can:

  • Use Katana as an order source and send sales orders from Katana to ShipStation


  • Send orders from ShipStation to Katana

Before integrating these platforms together, first decide whether Katana will act as an order source, order destination, or both, and then follow this guide to set up the integration according to your workflow needs.

Before connecting ShipStation to Katana

You'll first need to go into Extensiv Integration Manager where Katana can be made a Cart or Warehouse Management System:

  • Cart [Order Source] β€” Katana sends out Sales orders (SOs) and related info

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) [Order Destination] β€” Katana receives SOs and related info (from e-commerce marketplaces, POS, OMS, etc.)

Example scenarios

  1. Katana as Cart (recommended workflow)

    The most common scenario is to make Katana a Cart and ShipStation as WMS. With this setup Not delivered SOs are sent to ShipStation via Extensiv either when they're created or when they're marked as Packed in Katana. The exact Katana SO delivery status can be chosen within the Extensiv Cart settings.

    Once an order is shipped via the WMS, ShipStation sends shipment and tracking information back to Katana and the customer who placed the order. SO confirmation status is updated to Delivered.

  2. Katana as WMS

    In Extensiv, the order destination is referred to as WMS. If you authorize Katana as a WMS, ShipStation needs to be set as a Cart. Extensiv will import sales orders and related info from ShipStation (or any other Cart) to Katana and update the related inventory depending on your choices.

    NOTE: there is one WMS per Extensiv Merchant account. To connect additional WMSs, you will need to upgrade the plan.

  3. Katana as Cart and WMS

    Extensiv Integration Manager is tailored for a multi-channel orders management flow with as many Carts and WMS connected as needed β€” Katana as a Cart, and Katana as WMS. If you prefer to interconnect these platforms both ways, make sure to upgrade your Extensiv plan so you can add extra WMS to your Merchant account.

Steps to integrate Katana with ShipStation

  1. Create a free Extensiv trial account (it only takes a couple of minutes).

  2. Once logged into Extensiv, set up Katana either as an order source or as an order destination. The recommended workflow is setting up Katana as a Cart and ShipStation as a WMS. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  3. Once Katana is set up, adjust the ShipStation settings on Extensiv side. How-to guide is here.

NOTE: Returns are currently not supported

If you need any help with setup or workflow customization, the Extensiv team is happy to help. Contact them through the Support portal.

Voila πŸ’ƒ You can now import sales orders to or from Katana and sync inventory back.

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