Extensiv Integration Manager (formerly known as CartRover) is a platform specialized in creating tailored solutions for order management workflows. Through optimization and automation, Extensiv makes otherwise separate systems work together seamlessly.

Using Extensive, it's easy to Integrate Katana with popular marketplaces, shipping, or warehouse management systems. See all Extensiv integrations.

With this integration, you can:

  • Import Sales orders and related customer data from your e-commerce store to Katana

  • Sync updated inventory levels from Katana to your online store

  • Choose to import order-related product data from your online store to Katana (if no matching products are found)

  • Import Sales orders and related customer data from Katana to your fulfillment service

Unlike other integration platforms like Zapier and Make, Extensiv Integration Manager is designed to support order management workflows. This makes it ideal for setting up sales order flows or connecting to CRM, POS, and order management systems of your choice.

Using Extensiv Integration Manager, Katana can be a:

  • Cart [represents Order Source] β€” Sales Orders (SO's) and related info are pushed from Katana to WMS (e.g. to shipping providers, 3PL services, another Katana account)

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) [represents Order Destination] β€” SO's and related info are pushed to Katana (e.g. from e-commerce marketplaces, POS, OMS)

This opens up the opportunity to integrate with a whole new world of apps, further expanding what you can do with Katana. For example, you can effortlessly connect to 3PL services and shipping providers or channel all your sales to Katana.

NOTE: You can have one WMS per Extensiv Merchant account. To connect more, you'll need to upgrade your plan. Learn more about Extensiv Integration Manager here

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Connecting Extensiv to Katana

Connecting Extensiv Integration Manager to Katana is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Beginning Steps:

  1. Once logged in, continue to set up Katana. Extensiv can send orders to one WMS system per account. This means, that you can connect one Katana account as an Order Destination/WMS in Extensiv. If you need to connect more order destinations, please contact Extensiv support to upgrade your account.

Connect Katana as an Order Destination

Extensiv refers to the order destination as WMS. If you authorize a Katana connection with WMS, then Extensiv imports sales orders and related info from Carts to Katana (e.g. push sales orders from Amazon FBA to Katana) and updates related inventory per your choice.

NOTE: The number of available WMS connections is determined by your Extensiv plan

  1. If you choose to connect to Katana as WMS, pick Katana MRP from the list to Grant API Access. This is an authorization of the connection between Extensiv and Katana.

  2. Follow the prompt to sign in to your Katana account and enter the same email and password you use to log in to Katana.

  3. Once authorization is successful, click OK to save.

  4. Test WMS Connection and Save.

TIP πŸ’‘ here's a how-to guide to connect Katana as an Order Destination (WMS)

Katana as an Order Source

Extensiv refers to order sources as Carts. If you authorize Katana connection with Carts, Extensiv imports sales orders and related info from Katana to Carts (e.g. push sales orders from Katana to shipping services or fulfillment centers).

NOTE: The number of available Carts connections is determined by your Extensiv plan

To connect Katana as an Order Source, go to Carts and add + New Setup. Find Katana and authorize the connection to the required account. Click OK to save settings.

Extensiv can download orders from any number of order sources called "Carts". The exact setup is defined and tailored to your needs.

The final steps:

Review the synchronization settings on the account level, referred to as "Merchants". Select Merchants from the menu on the left, then Edit Setup. You can set the schedules for the synchronization with Katana (WMS) and turn on inventory sync.

That's it πŸŽ‰ Your setup for importing sales orders to or from Katana and syncing inventory back is ready.

If you need any help with the setup or customizing the workflow, the Extensiv team is happy to help. Contact them through Support portal πŸ€

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