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Shippo integration (via Extensiv)

Integrate Shippo to streamline your shipping process and save time.

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Shippo is a handy shipping software that enables you to compare shipping rates and print labels from multiple carriers. With the help of Extensiv Integration Manager, you can easily integrate Shippo with Katana to manage your shipping operations directly from within Katana.

With this integration, you can connect Katana as an order source and send sales orders from Katana to Shippo.

  • The most common scenario is to make Katana a Cart and Shippo as WMS.

  • With this setup Not delivered SOs are sent to Shippo via Extensiv either when they're created or when they're marked as Packed in Katana.

  • The exact Katana SO delivery status can be chosen within the Extensiv Cart settings.

Once an order is shipped via the WMS, the SO confirmation status is updated to Delivered.

NOTE: Before integrating platforms together, you should first decide whether Katana will act as an order source, order destination, or both. Read more here.

Steps to integrate Katana with Shippo

  1. Create a free Extensiv trial account (it only takes a couple of minutes).

  2. Once logged into Extensiv, set up Katana either as an order source or as an order destination. The recommended workflow is setting up Katana as a Cart and Shippo as a WMS. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  3. Once Katana is set up, adjust the Shippo settings on Extensiv side. How-to guide is here.

NOTE: Returns are currently not supported

Voila πŸ’ƒ You can now import sales orders from Katana to Shippo. If you need any help with setup or workflow customization, the Extensiv team is happy to help. Contact them through the Support portal.

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