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Sales order Delivery statuses
Sales order Delivery statuses

Track and manage delivery statuses in Katana for efficient sales order processing.

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Delivery statuses allows users to effectively monitor and manage the progress of sales orders. From Not shipped to Delivered, each status reflects a specific stage in the delivery process, helping you maintain control over inventory commitments and order fulfillment.

Each sales order (SO) has a Delivery status, which can be manually changed. Statuses include Pending, Not shipped, Packed, Partially packed, Delivered, and Partially delivered. Status changes trigger specific movements in the inventory and help to monitor deliveries.


  • Not shipped
    If you create a SO, the SO is saved with a Not shipped status. The number of required items on the SO is then Committed to your inventory.

  • Packed
    You've picked and packed the items from your warehouse for the order, but they haven't been shipped. Both In stock and Committed quantities in the inventory list are decreased by the relevant amount. If you don't want to track the Packed status for your items, mark an order as Delivered after sending the products from your warehouse.

  • Partially packed
    Similar to Packed, but only for part of the order. Some of the order has been picked and packed using the Pack some... function.

  • Delivered
    Products have been sent from your warehouse. Changing the status from Packed to Delivered doesn't trigger inventory movements.

  • Partially delivered

    Similar to Delivered, but only for part of an order. Some of the order has been delivered using the Deliver some... function.

  • Pending (Quotes)
    If a SO is set to a Pending status, the SO is turned into a Quote and moved from the Sales order tab to the Quotes tab. Quotes don't participate in stock commitments.

The Sales items status for a SO will be automatically updated to Picked if the delivery status is set to (Partially) Packed or (Partially) Delivered.

If a (Partially) Packed or (Partially) Delivered SO status is changed back to Not shipped, changes in inventory are reverted (i.e. products are added back to In stock and Committed).

Changing the Delivery status

The Delivery status can be changed on the SO card or on the Sell screen:

Sales order card

A sales order that has not been shipped at all:

A sales order that has not been shipped at all

Available status options for a sales order:

Available status options for a sales order

Sell screen

Sales orders that have not been shipped:

 Sales orders that have not been shipped:

Status options available for a sales order:

Status options available for a sales order

You can change Delivery statuses in bulk by selecting orders from the sales order list and clicking Change status at the top of the table, and selecting a new status.

Changing sales order statuses in bulk

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