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Purchase order (PO) Delivery statuses
Purchase order (PO) Delivery statuses

What the different delivery statuses of a Purchase order mean

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Each Purchase order (PO) has a Delivery status that can be manually changed. Statuses trigger specific movements in stock and help monitor items' deliveries to your warehouse.


  • Not received: When you create a PO and fill in the required information, the PO is saved with a Not received status. This means that the relevant items have not yet arrived at your warehouse and are in Expected status.

  • Partially received: To mark a PO as Partially received, click on the Delivery status for the PO, select Receive some..., select the items to receive, and choose Receive selected. This status means that some of the items on the PO have been received and added to stock, while other items are still Expected.

  • Received: Mark the PO as Received when all the items have arrived in your warehouse. After marking a PO Received, the items are added to In stock, and the Expected quantity is decreased.

You can revert a Received PO by changing the status back to Not received. The relevant items will be eliminated from In stock and added back to Expected quantities in the Inventory tab.

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