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Reverting a Purchase order (PO)
Reverting a Purchase order (PO)

If you have accidentally marked a PO as received, you can easily revert it back

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If you accidentally receive all or some items on the PO, or you need to send items back to a supplier, you can revert a Received or Partially received PO. You will also need to revert a PO if you want to edit any details of the done PO.

How to revert a Purchase order?

You can revert a received PO in the Buy screen or on the PO card. If you received only some items on the PO, reverting it will revert the status for all items. You can't partially revert a PO.

  1. Navigate to the Buy screen β†’ Done table.

  2. Find the PO and change the Delivery status back to Not received.

  3. Your inventory levels are updated automatically.

Related stock movements

Reverting a Received PO reverts the inventory levels for items included in the PO.

  • In stock quantity will be decreased

  • Expected quantity will be increased

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