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Purchasing and Outsourcing
Purchasing and Outsourcing

Information on the Buy screen and using Purchase and Outsourced purchase orders

Basics of the Buy screenUnderstand Katana’s Buy screen: Manage POs and OPOs effectively, tracking order status and details.
How to create a purchase order (PO)Simplify PO creation in Katana: quickly adding products, variants, and managing bulk purchases.
Purchase order (PO) Delivery statusesTrack PO delivery statuses in Katana, from Not Received to Received, to manage inventory.
How to receive a purchase order (PO)Learn to mark POs as received in Katana, updating inventory accurately and efficiently.
How to partially receive a purchase order (PO)Manage inventory accurately by partially receiving items from a PO
Reverting a purchase order (PO)Easily revert a PO in Katana, adjusting inventory and order details as needed.
Deleting a purchase order (PO)Learn to properly delete a PO in Katana, ensuring accurate inventory and order records.
Exporting purchase orders (PO)Export POs from Katana to CSV or XLSX for detailed analysis or external processing.
Duplicating a purchase order (PO)Quickly duplicate a PO, copying all details including supplier and cost info.
How to send purchase orders (PO) or Request for quotes (RFQ) to suppliersSend POs and RFQs to suppliers directly via email from Katana, tracking status.
A quick guide to purchasing productsStreamline the management of purchased products for resale in Katana.
Purchasing items in different units of measureNavigate purchasing items in different units with Katana’s flexible conversion settings.
Adding address information to a purchase order (PO)Easily add shipping and billing addresses to POs for accurate order documentation.
Additional costs for purchase orders (PO)Incorporate extra costs into POs for accurate inventory and financial records.
Video: Default supplier and purchasing all missing materialsUse a default supplier for repeat orders