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How to create a supplier
How to create a supplier

A quick guide to adding new suppliers in Katana to streamline PO and OPO creation.

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Adding suppliers to Katana helps you streamline the creation of Purchase orders (POs) and Outsourced purchase orders (OPOs). This guide covers the essentials of inputting supplier information, such as company name, contact details, and preferred currency, making future transactions smoother and more efficient.

On the Supplier card, you can add an email address, phone number, company address, and any comments you have for the supplier.

When creating a PO/OPO, find existing suppliers by typing their supplier name into the Supplier field in th PO/OPO, and see if they showup in the drop-down menu.

Creating a supplier

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen > Suppliers table and click + Supplier at the top right.

  2. An empty supplier card will open.

    Fill in the following information:

    - Company name (required)

    - Email: This email address will be used as the default when sending purchase order documents.

    - Phone number: Shows on PDF documents.

    - Address: Shows on PDF documents.

    - Comment: Add internal comments to a supplier.

    - Currency: Choose which currency purchasing transactions are done in with the supplier. (Available only for Standard and higher subscription plans.)

  3. On a PO or OPO, type the supplier name into the Supplier field. If the supplier doesn't exist, create it by clicking Create new "supplier name" in the drop-down menu or by pressing Enter. The new supplier will be saved to the order and added to Contacts.

Note: This same approach also works when quick-adding Purchase orders from Manufacturing orders or from the Inventory tab. Read more about creating Purchase orders

Editing details

Email addresses, comments, phone numbers, and addresses can be added or edited on the Supplier card.

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