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A quick guide to purchasing products
A quick guide to purchasing products

Streamline the management of purchased products for resale in Katana.

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In Katana, you can make products in your factory, a contractor's factory, or purchase them directly from suppliers. In addition to their own product portfolio, many manufacturing companies expand their product selection with products purchased from other manufacturers/suppliers for resale. For pure resellers, managing products this way can be beneficial.

You can get a lot of value from only using the Sell, Buy, and Stock screens without using the Make screen at all. Sales items availability, prioritization of orders, e-commerce integrations like Shopify, and stock management work perfectly for this.

How to indicate that products are to be resold

Manually, one-by-one, on a product card

On a product card, you can select I make this product and/or I buy this product. New products have I make this product on by default. For reselling, choose I buy this product so you can add the product to purchase orders.

Shows the options for how a product is sourced, on the product card

Updating product settings in bulk

If you've already added multiple products and you want to indicate that you're reselling them, you can bulk update.

To start, download the template from Settings Data Import Update existing products Download data.

On the downloaded spreadsheet, Make sure the Buy? column reads "yes" and Make? column reads "no" for all products.

Upload the file to Katana under Settings Data Import Update existing products Upload data.

Adding new products in bulk

You can use our xls template to import a list of products in bulk. Download the template from Settings Data Import Add new products Download template.

As a reseller, you'll want to specify on the spreadsheet that you are buying all of your products by adding "yes" to the Buy? column and "no" in the Make? column for each product.

Upload your products back to Katana from Settings Data Import Add new products Upload data.

Note: If you want to purchase products, but also track the required ingredients, enable both I make this product and I buy this product and create an outsourced purchase order instead.

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