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Automate shipping processes, compare shipping costs, and find the best rate and service

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Integrate with 2Ship to automate your shipping processes, compare shipping costs, and find the best rate and service to save time and money with every shipment.

When it comes to shipping, it's best to keep the process as simplified and automated as possible. It shouldn't be a hurdle to overcome when delivering products to a customer. A simplified system is exactly what integration with 2Ship should help you achieve.

What will be synced

You can choose to send sales orders to 2Ship when they are first created or when marked as Packed in Katana. When opening the order in 2Ship, you'll have the following already pulled from Katana:

  • Sender data from the address of the location where the order is shipped from

  • Recipient data from the customer's shipping address on the sales order

  • Shipment contents from the sales order line items

Changes in the mentioned fields are not synced between the systems after the sales order is imported to 2Ship.

Once the shipment is confirmed in 2Ship, the following fields are synced back to Katana:

  • Sales order status is changed to Delivered

  • The tracking number is added to Katana

  • Tracking URL link is added to Katana

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How to connect 2Ship to Katana

  1. Create an account in 2Ship

  2. Create a connection to Katana from 2Ship via Settings > Store Connections > Add New Connection Wizard > Katana > Connect

  3. At the prompt, sign in to Katana to authorize the connection.

  4. Confirm connection settings and set Go Live: Yes

That's it! You are now ready to manage your shipping in 2Ship.

How to ship a sales order via 2Ship

  1. To trigger the integration, go to Katana and mark a sales order Packed (or create one if you selected to trigger import when order is with Not shipped status).

  2. Navigate back to 2Ship > Ship > OnHold / Order Queue. Find and open the sales order from the list.

  3. Review that shipping details are correct, add information about the package, including weight and dimensions of the package.

  4. Continue to select your preferred carrier and shipment options.

  5. Once you confirm the shipping by clicking Ship in 2Ship, labels and other shipping documents will be printed, and the update will be synced back to Katana. The sales order will be marked as Delivered and updated with the tracking number and link in Katana.

NOTE: At the moment, this integration does not support Katana's Shipping fee

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