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Managing bundles
Managing bundles

Streamline sales with bundle management: create, sell, and deliver product bundles.

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Katana simplifies the management of product bundles, allowing businesses to create and sell combined products effectively. This includes setting up a product recipe that combines various items into a bundle and managing inventory levels to ensure availability.

Bundles are collections of products that are sold together (a package deal). You can use the subassemblies feature for creating and selling bundles.

You can include products in the Product recipe / BOM of another product. This can be used in situations where you keep track of the stock for sub-products or sub-components used in production or it can be used for bundles.

Create and sell bundles

  1. Create a product for your bundle (e.g. "Cosmetics set".)

    Quick-add menu showing the option to create a product

  2. In the Product recipe / BOM table, add the products included in the bundle (e.g. Hand lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner). You might also add the "Set box" as a material to the recipe if the bundled products are sold in a special box.

    Product recipe / BOM tab selected on a product card

    If you receive a sales order (SO) for the bundle and you haven't pre-made any bundles, the Sales items availability status for the bundle will show Not available. It can also show Not available if you have all the bundled products in stock. This is because the bundle is a separate item in Katana that you need to make before selling.

    The Ingredients availability status for the SO will show you whether the products included in the bundle are available (since those products are ingredients in the bundle).

  3. Create a manufacturing Order (MO) for the bundle. We suggest using + Make > Make to order from the Production column on the Sell screen to add the required MO to the Schedule tab.

GIF showing how to quickly create a make-to-order manufacturing order

Delivering a bundle

If all the Ingredients are In stock, you can mark the SO as Delivered without completing the MO for the bundle separately, as the MO will be completed automatically in the background when you are Making-to-Order for the SO.

If any products are Not available for the bundle, you will need to create additional manufacturing orders for the missing products.

If all the products included in the bundle are In stock, you can complete the MO by changing the Production status to Done. (Again, if you're making the bundle Make to order, just mark the SO as Delivered without completing the MO Order.)

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