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Changing Locations on Sales orders
Changing Locations on Sales orders

Change the warehouse connected to a Sales order

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When you've created multiple Locations in your Katana account, you can assign a Sales order (SO) to a Location that has Sell functionality enabled.

A SO will always check the inventory status for Sales items and Ingredients from its Location. If you change the Location for the SO, the availability statuses will automatically update.

You can change Locations for a single SO or multiple Sales orders in bulk.

To change the Location of a single SO:

  1. Navigate to the Sell screen and open on a SO.

  2. On the SO card, click on the Ship from field and select the desired location.

To change the Location for multiple Sales orders in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Sell screen and select Sales orders from the list.

  2. Click the pencil icon near the top right.

  3. Select a new Ship from location in the popup window.

Note: If you created a Make-to-Order Manufacturing order (MO) for any Sales orders then the Location for those Sales orders cannot be changed. The Location of the Make-to-Order MO is always the same as the Location of the underlying SO.

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