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Automatically creating Manufacturing orders for subassemblies
Automatically creating Manufacturing orders for subassemblies

Using the option to create subassemblies automatically

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When creating a Manufacturing order (MO) for a product that includes a subassembly in the Product recipe / BOM, you have an option to create a MO for the subassemblies automatically.

If you create an MO for subassemblies, the MO is created for subassemblies included in the recipe/BOM of the main product, as well as those up to 10 levels deep.

When should you automatically create Manufacturing orders for subassemblies?

Automatically creating Manufacturing orders for subassemblies is helpful if you aren't keeping most of the subassemblies in stock.

If you do keep most of the subassemblies in stock and would rather make them in separate batches, it's good to not automatically create Manufacturing Orders for subassemblies but rather consume subassemblies that you have in stock and use reorder points to produce more.

Enabling automatic creation of Manufacturing orders for subassemblies

If you're creating a MO for a product with subassemblies in its recipe/BOM, a window will open where you can choose to generate Manufacturing orders for subassemblies automatically.

You can customize the name and quantity of a product in the window before creating the MO, and a Manufacturing order(s) is created for the desired quantity.

If you are creating a Make-to-Order MO for a Sales order, the quantity and MO name are taken from the Sales order.

Priority in the manufacturing schedule

If Manufacturing orders for subassemblies are created automatically, these Manufacturing orders have a higher priority in the manufacturing schedule than the main product of the MO.

Note! Reordering the automatically created Manufacturing orders or the main product MO doesn't reorder other Manufacturing orders that were created together.

The subassembly Manufacturing orders are named according to the main assembly MO.


  • MO - 1 is the main assembly MO

  • MO - 1 / 1 is first level subassembly MO

  • MO - 1 / 1 / 1 is second-level subassembly MO

Additional info:

  • Automatically creating Manufacturing orders for subassemblies doesn't take into account the in-stock quantity of the subassemblies

  • If some of the subassemblies with automatically created Manufacturing orders are in stock already, you can delete the excess Manufacturing orders

  • The quantity of product in an automatically created MO for subassemblies initially is taken from the top-level MO recipe. You can change the quantity if you need to produce more or fewer items

  • If you create a MO for a product and don't choose to automatically create Manufacturing orders for subassemblies (or you add a subassembly to the MO recipe) by clicking on the Make button for that subassembly, you can still create Manufacturing orders automatically for all subassemblies in the recipe.

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