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How to create a consolidated pick list for manufacturing orders
How to create a consolidated pick list for manufacturing orders

Manage ingredients with a consolidated pick list for multiple manufacturing orders in Katana.

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Katana simplifies inventory management on the production floor by enabling the creation of a consolidated pick list for selected manufacturing orders. This guide explains how grouping ingredients needed for various orders into one comprehensive list enhances production efficiency by reducing the time spent retrieving items.

In Katana, you can group the required ingredients for selected manufacturing orders (MO) into a consolidated pick list. This enables you to be more efficient on the production floor by picking all required ingredients for the day or for a bunch of MOs at once without needing to go back and forth between the workstation and ingredient stock.

A Consolidated pick list can be printed in two formats:

  • Consolidated pick list - includes the selected MO# and all the ingredients for those orders in a consolidated list.

  • Consolidated pick list with storage location info - in addition to the info on the Consolidated pick list, this includes the Default storage bin which is ordered alphabetically by the bin.

    Shows the 2 print templates for consolidated pick lists

Creating (and printing) a consolidated pick list

  1. Head to the Make screen and select the manufacturing orders you want to have included in the pick list.

  2. Click on the Print icon and select Consolidated pick list from the dropdown.

    Highlights the print icon on the make screen

  3. A pdf will open in a new window which includes all the ingredients for the selected orders in a consolidated list. The quantity is based on the planned quantity of ingredients from the manufacturing orders.

    An example pdf of a consolidated list

  4. You can then use the list from the screen, save it as a pdf, or print it out.

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