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Defining a variant's default storage bin
Defining a variant's default storage bin
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Default storage bins can be added to both products and materials in Katana by assigning each variant a unique default storage bin or by having multiple variants share the same default storage bin (when applicable).

A single variant cannot be allocated to multiple storage bins simultaneously. You can specify a default storage bin for each location, providing you with precise control over your inventory.

Adding, editing, or removing a default storage bin for a variant:

  1. Open the item card for an item you want to assign Default storage bins to.

  2. Click on the associated Bin icon from the Variants table.

  3. From the pop-up window you can Add, edit, or remove the Storage bin per Location.

  4. Choose an existing storage bin from the list or create a new one.

Tip! You can add and edit Default storage bins in bulk using these Data import templates: Import new products and variants, Update existing products and variants, Import new materials and variants, Update existing materials and variants.

Added Default storage bins can also be found within the Inventory tab of the Stock screen.

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