Everything you need to know about Items, Variants, and Product Recipes

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What is an item?Understand the concept of items in Katana, including their roles, types, and how they integrate into inventory management.
What is a product?Learn what defines a product in Katana and how it integrates with inventory and production workflows.
What is a material?Understand what materials are in Katana, including their roles in inventory and production processes.
How to create a productLearn how to create a product in Katana, including setting up details like SKU, price, and inventory levels.
How to import products and variantsEasily import new products and variants into Katana using comprehensive templates.
How to update products and variants via importEfficiently update existing products and variants in Katana using the bulk import feature.
Editing a product (including bulk editing)Learn to quickly edit product details in Katana, including names, prices, and more.
Duplicating a productHow to duplicate a product in Katana
Deleting productsFind out how to delete a product
How to disassemble a productLearn workaround ways to disassemble products into materials in Katana.
Creating a materialThere are three ways to create a new material
How to import materials and variantsImport materials and their variants into Katana, using structured templates.
How to update materials and variants via importUpdate existing materials in Katana via import, optimizing inventory management.
Editing a material (including bulk editing)Easily edit material details in Katana, including names, categories, and prices.
Duplicating a materialHow to duplicate a material?
Deleting materialsHow to delete materials
Video: Tracking costs of products and materialsLearn how are costs calculated for products and materials in Katana
What is a category?Categories are groups of similar items
Creating categoriesHow to create categories
Editing and deleting categoriesHow to edit and delete categories
What is a Variant code / SKU?Variant code is a unique identifier for your product or material variant
Create, edit and delete Variant Codes / SKUHow to create, edit and delete Variant Codes / SKU
Why is my item crossed out on the order, stock adjustment, or transfer?Deleted items are displayed as crossed out
Product vs MaterialTrying to differentiate products from materials? This article should help you out.
Material Tracking
Custom fields for itemsEnhance item data with custom fields to add detailed information for sales and production.