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Everything you need to know about Items, Variants, and Product Recipes

What is an item?Understand the concept of items in Katana, including their roles, types, and how they integrate into inventory management.
What is a product?Learn what defines a product in Katana and how it integrates with inventory and production workflows.
What is a material?Understand what materials are in Katana, including their roles in inventory and production processes.
Product vs MaterialUnderstand the key differences between products and materials in Katana.
How to create a productLearn how to create a product in Katana, including setting up details like SKU, price, and inventory levels.
How to create a materialCreate materials to track raw inputs for production, including details like SKU, cost, and inventory levels.
How to import products and variantsEasily import new products and variants into Katana using comprehensive templates.
How to import materials and variantsImport materials and their variants into Katana for efficient data management and streamlined inventory tracking.
How to update products and variants through importingEfficiently update existing products and variants in Katana using the bulk import feature.
How to update materials and variants through importingUpdate materials and variants in Katana via import for efficient data management and accurate inventory control.
How to edit productsLearn to quickly edit product details in Katana, including names, prices, and more.
How to edit materialsEasily edit material details in Katana, including names, categories, and prices.
Duplicating a productDuplicate products to quickly create similar items, saving time on manual entry and maintaining consistency.
Duplicating a materialEasily duplicate materials to create similar items quickly, maintaining consistent data for efficient inventory management.
Deleting productsLearn how to delete products to keep your inventory clean and up-to-date by removing unused items.
Deleting materialsDelete unused materials to keep your inventory clean and up-to-date by removing unnecessary items.
How to disassemble a productDisassemble products to break down items into components for efficient inventory management and reuse.
Material TrackingTrack materials for accurate inventory management and efficient production processes.
What is a category?Learn about categories in Katana and how they help organize products and materials for efficient inventory management.
How to create categoriesCreate categories to organize products and materials, improving inventory management and data accessibility.
Editing or deleting categoriesHow Edit or delete categories to maintain organized and up-to-date inventory structures edit and delete categories
What is a variant code / SKU?Learn about variant codes / SKUs and how they are used to track individual product variants.
Create, edit and delete variant codes / SKUsCreate, edit, or delete variant codes / SKUs to manage and track individual product variations efficiently.
Why is an item crossed out?Learn why items may appear crossed out on orders, stock adjustments, or transfers in Katana.
Custom fields for itemsEnhance item data with custom fields to add detailed information for sales and production.
Video: Tracking costs of products and materialsLearn how are costs calculated for products and materials in Katana

What is a product recipe / BOM (Bill of Materials)?Understand what a product recipe or bill of materials (BOM) is and how it’s used for manufacturing.
How to create a product recipeCreate product recipes to detail components and quantities needed for manufacturing.
Importing product recipesImport product recipes to Katana to efficiently manage components and structure the manufacturing process.
Creating product recipes for product variantsCreate product recipes for variants in Katana, enhancing customization and production.
Using subassemblies in product recipesUse subassemblies in Katana product recipes to efficiently manage and track component usage in complex manufacturing processes.
Copying a product recipe from another productCopy product recipes from one product to another for efficient recipe management and consistency.
Editing product recipesEdit product recipes to update components and quantities.
Updating product recipes in bulkUpdate multiple product recipes to streamline production processes.
Applying changes made to product recipes on open ordersApply changes made to product recipes on open orders to ensure accuracy and efficiency in production.
Exporting product recipes / BOMsExport product recipes / BOMs from Katana to spreadsheets for efficient data analysis and inventory management.
Deleting product recipesDelete product recipes to maintain an organized and updated list of manufacturing components and processes.
Video: Creating product recipes for multiple product variantsSee how to create a Product Recipe for products with multiple variants