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What is an item?
What is an item?

Understand the concept of items in Katana, including their roles, types, and how they integrate into inventory management.

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In Katana, items refer to the core components of your inventory, encompassing raw materials (with variants), products, and subassemblies. They are categorized to facilitate better stock management, with attributes like SKU, cost, and inventory levels.

Each item has a comprehensive item card, which includes relevant information like Name, Category, Variants, Variant codes / SKU, Sales price, Purchase price, Default supplier, Product Recipe, and Production Operations.

Items can be used on sales orders, manufacturing orders, and purchase orders.

Items can be accessed by opening the Items screen from the top menu navigation.

Katana's items screen

On the Items screen, you'll find an Items tab and a Price lists tab (depending on permissions). Select the Items tab and you choose either the Products table or Materials table.

In Katana, subassemblies are products, not materials. So, subassemblies are included in the Products tab.

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