What are Production operations?

Explore production operations (also called Routing) in Katana, vital for detailed manufacturing and cost control.

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Production operations, also known as routing, are essential steps in the manufacturing process that detail how each product or variant is created. Understanding these operations allows for precise cost allocation and enhances operational efficiency.

Production operations are the operations done to produce a product or its variant (sometimes called "routing").

What you can do by creating production operations

  • Manage the manufacturing process at a more detailed Production operations level and create detailed Tasks lists for Resources. Find out more about managing the production process.

  • See the manufacturing cost calculations for your products. The cost of Production operations is included in the manufacturing cost of your product (the other main part comes from Product recipes). This enables you to allocate labor, utilities, and overhead costs to the product's manufacturing cost. Read more about entering production operation costs.

  • Calculate the production deadlines for manufacturing orders.

Examples: cutting, assembly, welding, coating, quality control.

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