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Production operations
Production operations
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What are Production operations?Explore production operations (also called Routing) in Katana, vital for detailed manufacturing and cost control.
How to create production operationsA short overview of creating Production operations for a product.
How to copy production operations from another productQuickly replicate production operations between products in Katana for more efficient setups.
How to create production operations for product variantsCreate a specific Production operation for each variant of a product.
How to import production operationsIf you have your Product operations stored in a spreadsheet, you can easily import it into Katana
Exporting Production operationsExport production operations in Katana to streamline updates and data management.
Editing production operationsLearn to update production operations on Katana product cards, adjusting tasks and time.
Bulk updating production operationsUpload a CSV file to avoid updating Product operations individually
Entering production operations costsCalculate production operation costs in Katana based on resources and time.
Deleting production operationsEfficiently remove production operations efficiently for a single product or multiple.
How to create, edit, and delete Operation namesOperations help you to define specific steps in completing a product
Product operation routingsOptimize production with routings, managing parallel and consecutive operations.
Manufacturing operation routingsOptimize production with routings — managing parallel and consecutive operations
Create, edit, and delete ResourcesManage resources like employees or workstations in Katana.