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How to copy production operations from another product
How to copy production operations from another product

Quickly replicate production operations between products in Katana for more efficient setups.

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Copy production operations from one product to another to save significant time in setting up similar products. This guide details the process of using an existing product as a template to replicate its operations, streamlining production planning and reducing manual data entry.

Copying product operations from another product

  1. Navigate to the Items screen, select a product, and go to the Production operations tab on the product card (will need to have I make this product enabled).

    Production operations tab on a product card

  2. Click on Copy operations from at the top right corner of the operations table.

    Copy operations from button on the Production operations tab

  3. FInd the product that you want to use as a template.

  4. If some operation steps have already been added to the current product, Katana will ask you to confirm the copy action before these operations will be overwritten.

Note: if the variant structure of the current product is different from the variant structure of the product you are copying from, then the variant selection will be -none- by default for all operations. You will then need to manually assign which operations apply to which product variants.

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