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How to create, edit, and delete Operation names
How to create, edit, and delete Operation names

Operations help you to define specific steps in completing a product

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In Katana, creating, editing, and deleting operation names is great for defining specific steps in manufacturing a product. This guide provides an easy-to-follow overview of how to manage these operation names directly within the product card.

An operation's name is used to define a specific step that needs to be completed to produce a product. Operation steps for a product make up production operations.

If your existing Operations don't include a name you want to use for a product, you can create new ones in the Production operations tab of a product card.

Creating an Operation name

  1. Create a product or select an existing one from the Items screen.

    Items screen

  2. Click on Production operations tab (product will need to have I make this product checkmarked).

  3. Add a new operation name into the Operation field.

    Adding an operation into production operations

  4. Press Enter or click on Create new "operation" from the drop-down menu. The operation name will save automatically.

You can also create new operation names from Settings screen > Operations and edit/delete existing operation names from here.

Saved operation names can be reused in production operations for other products to save time.

In the Settings screen, you can also drag and drop to reorder operations. The same order is used in the drop-down selection menu when choosing an operation in production operations.

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