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Managing the Production process
Managing the Production process

Production tasks and production schedule

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In Katana, you can manage your production tasks and production schedule at different levels of detail. You can track the production either on the Manufacturing order (MO) level or related Production Operations level, the latter offering the more detailed approach.

Each MO and Production Operation has a status that can be manually changed directly in Katana or from the Shop Floor App. Statuses help to monitor and manage production activities and trigger relevant inventory movements.

Production Operations can be assigned to an Operator, enabling you to use the Shop Floor App to feed information directly from the shop floor to the main Katana web app and vice versa.

Katana enables you to track the actual time spent on production tasks, analyze planned vs actual time, and get accurate manufacturing costs based on actual time spent.

Managing production at different levels of detail

  • Manufacturing order level
    The status of the MO can be changed from the Schedule tab in the Make screen or on a MO card. Read more about managing Manufacturing order statuses.

  • Production Operations level
    You can track the production of each MO on a step-by-step operations level. To track operations, you need to define the Production Operations for a product. Operation statuses can be changed on a MO card or in the Tasks tab of the Make screen. Read more about managing Production Operation statuses.

Task statuses can also be changed directly from the Shop Floor App.

Production Operation statuses and MO statuses are related so that a change to either status affects the other.

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