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Production operation statuses
Production operation statuses

Gain clarity on managing production operation statuses in Katana for efficient task handling.

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Manufacturing statuses can be managed at a detailed Production operations level (step-by-step production) or at a manufacturing order (MO) level. This article focuses on managing the status at the Production operations level.

Katana offers detailed control over production operation statuses, providing educational insights on how to efficiently manage tasks within manufacturing processes.

To track the status of specific operations, define Production operations for your products, enabling changing and monitoring of the step-by-step production process for each MO. Based on Production operations, Katana creates a task list for your Resources (workstation, employees).

Use the Shop Floor App to manage tasks for your production team, and the statuses for tasks are synced to the main Katana application automatically.

With Katana you can track the actual time spent on production tasks, analyze planned vs actual time, and obtain accurate manufacturing costs based on actual time spent.

If you don't need this level of detail and would rather track production on a more general level, please refer to this article.

Changing Production Operation statuses

Note: If you are using the Shop Floor App, learn about changing the statuses in-app.

You can change the production status for specific Operations either on the MO card or from the Make screen → Tasks tab.

Changing the status on a Manufacturing order card

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab.

    Highlights the schedule tab on the make screen

  2. Click on a MO to open a more detailed view and find the Operations table.

  3. Click on the status icon to change the Production operation status.

    Highlights the status column of the Operations table inside an MO

Changing the status from the Tasks tab

  1. Navigate to the Make screen → Tasks tab.

    Highlights the tasks tab of the make screen

  2. Click on the status icon for a specific Operation. Read more about the Tasks tab.

Highlights the status column inside the tasks tab

Product operation statuses

-- Not started --

The operation hasn't started. When you create a MO, the status for all Production operations is set to Not started by default.

-- In progress --

When you start working on a specific Production Operation, click on the Operation status to change it to In progress. This can also be changed from the Shop Floor Control app.

Time tracking begins as soon as the operation is changed to In progress.

If at least one Production Operation has a status of In progress or Completed, the status for the whole MO will be automatically changed to In progress.

-- Paused --

The work on the Production operation is paused, also pausing the Time tracking.

-- Blocked --

Use this status if there is a problem with a task and you want to put the production on hold.

-- Completed --

The Production Operation step is finished. The task is moved to the Done table on the Tasks tab.

Highlights the Done table of the Schedule tab within the Make screen

When all Production operations for a MO are finished, the status for the whole MO will change to Done, and the MO is moved to the Done table in the Schedule tab.

Changing the status for a specific Production operation doesn't trigger any inventory movements unless a change to the status of the whole MO is triggered as described above. Read more about MO statuses and related inventory movements.

You can view or export the Done tasks to analyze the performance of your Resources.

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