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Mapping shop floor operators to Resources
Mapping shop floor operators to Resources

Automate operator-resource assignments in Katana to streamline MO task delegation.

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Katana allows for the automatic mapping of operators to resources, enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing order (MO) execution. This guide covers the process of setting default operators for resources within the settings, ensuring that when an MO is created, tasks are automatically assigned.

If you're unfamiliar, you may want to read Production operations, Resources, and Operators are related in Katana before reading this article.

You can map default shop floor operators to Resources so that when a manufacturing order (MO) is created, the operator(s) are automatically assigned to the tasks. You don't need to manually assign operators to production operations on manufacturing orders, but can edit them.

Mapping shop floor operators to resources

  1. Go to the Settings screen and select Resources.

    Resources section within the settings screen

  2. In the Resources section you'll find a list of all resources that can be assigned to production operations. From the Default operators column, you can assign a default shop floor operator to each resource.

    When you click inside the Default operators column, you'll see a list of all of the shop floor operators on your account (read about adding shop floor operators).

    Select an operator from the list. You can assign multiple default operators to the same resource.

    When a MO is created for a product, Katana will assign the default operators to each resource on the order.

Note: The Shop Floor app is available via the Advanced Manufacturing add-on (must be on a Standard plan or higher)

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