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Custom fields for items
Custom fields for items

Enhance item data with custom fields to add detailed information for sales and production.

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Custom fields for items makes it possible to add detailed, specific information to products and materials. Find out how to create, assign, and manage custom fields to enhance documentation and data visibility across sales orders, quotes, and via API.

With custom fields for items, it's easier to share extended item information with customers, suppliers, and coworkers. The information on custom fields can also be added to custom print templates for Sales orders.

Creating custom fields

NOTE: Custom fields in Katana are available for the Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus plans (see more about subscription packages). If you're on a Starter plan, you will be asked to confirm a change to a higher plan (monthly or annual).

To create custom fields, you'll first need to create a Custom field collection. Within each collection, you can 3 different custom fields.

Now, to create a custom field collection, head to the Settings screen and choose Custom fields from the side menu. A total of 10 custom field collections can be created.

  1. Click on + Create a custom field collection and give the new collection a name.

    Custom fields option within the Settings screen

  2. From here, you can add (up to 3) custom fields. Choose where the fields will be shown from the Places where shown column.

    Shows the areas where a custom field can be made visible

Assigning a collection to an item

From the product and material card, a Custom field collection can be assigned to any product and material. A product or material can only have one custom field collection at a time.

Shows where you can add a custom field collection on an item card

Note: If you change a collection after it has been added to a product or material, the previously filled custom field values will be lost.

Filling custom field values

After assigning a custom field collection to an item, columns for the fields will be created in the item's Variants table. This allows you to give each item variant unique custom field values.

You can enter a short text format of up to 100 characters for custom field values.

Deleting a custom field collection and custom fields

Custom field collections and custom fields can be deleted from Settings screen > Custom fields menu. Whether deleting an entire collection or only field, all values connected to the removed field will also be deleted.

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