Basics of Storage bins

Storage bins provide the exact location of a certain item in your warehouse.

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Storage bins refer to the smallest unit of space inside a warehouse where a company can store their goods. Storage bins simplify the inventory management processes by ensuring workers always know where to place, pick and find their products.

Depending on your business needs, a storage bin can be thought of as a specific bin location, zone or area within the warehouse.

The default storage bin can be chosen per variant per Location.

Note: Storing one item in multiple storage bins in the same Location is not yet possible.

Extra information about Storage bins

- Can be added, linked with items and updated via these import templates: Add new products, Update existing products and reorder points, Add new materials and Update existing materials and reorder points.

- Shown on the following printouts: Purchase order Put-away list, Manufacturing order Pick list with storage location info and Consolidated pick list with storage location info, Sales order Packing list with tracing data, and Stocktake with storage location info.

- Default storage bins aren't shown in the Shop Floor Control app.

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