You can print a Manufacturing order (MO) with or without cost information, or as a pick list. Using the print function, you can also save a MO to pdf.

Tip: It's possible to print multiple Manufacturing orders at once or to print a consolidated pick list - read more.

You can print a MO in the following formats:

  1. Manufacturing Order format - includes all data displayed on a MO card.

  2. Manufacturing Order (excl. cost) - doesn't include any cost data for ingredients or operations.

  3. Manufacturing Order for taking notes - doesn't include any cost data for ingredients or operations and has an extended area for taking notes on paper.

  4. Pick list - includes the list of necessary ingredients with quantities. It also displays the product and the quantity to be made with the MO.

To print a Manufacturing order:

  1. Navigate to a MO card.

  2. Click on the Print button icon at the top corner of the MO card.

  3. Select a print format from the dropdown menu and select a printer or save to pdf.

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