You can print a Manufacturing order (MO) with or without cost information, or as a pick list. Using the print function, you can also save a MO to pdf.

Tip: It's possible to print multiple Manufacturing orders at once or to print a consolidated pick list - read more.

You can print a MO in the following formats:

  1. Manufacturing Order format - includes all data displayed on a MO card.

  2. Manufacturing Order (excl. cost) - doesn't include any cost data for ingredients or operations.

  3. Manufacturing Order for taking notes - doesn't include any cost data for ingredients or operations and has an extended area for taking notes on paper.

  4. Pick list - includes the list of necessary ingredients with quantities. It also displays the product and the quantity to be made with the MO.

See how to create your own print templates.

To print a Manufacturing order:

  1. Navigate to a MO card.

  2. Click on the Print button icon at the top corner of the MO card.

  3. Select a print format from the dropdown menu and select a printer or save to pdf.

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