Information on all forms of printing and printing options - PDFs, barcodes, templates, etc.

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Basics of PDF printingPrinting in Katana are available for all documents in PDF format
Basics of custom print templatesKatana enables you to add your own look and feel to PDF printouts
Basics of the PDF EditorBasics of the PDF Editor and tutorials on the most commonly asked capabilities
Sample print templates designed in PDF EditorAn overview of some sample documents created in the PDF Editor
Printing a Stock adjustmentHow to print a Stock Adjustment
Printing a QuoteYou can either print Quotes or simply save them as a PDF
Printing barcodesKatana can generate the barcode labels as printable PDF pages or you can export the barcode numbers
Printing a Sales order or Packing listIf you ever need a physical copy
Bulk printing Sales orders or Packing listsGet sales management and delivery rolling quicker by printing multiple SOs in one go
Printing a Manufacturing orderYou can print a Manufacturing order with or without cost information, or as a pick list
Printing Manufacturing orders in bulkQuickly get your production rolling by printing multiple Manufacturing orders in one go
Printing TasksUsing the print function, you can print your Tasks for easy viewing
Printing a Purchase order, Request for Quote (RFQ) or Put-away listYou can print Purchase orders (PO) in three different formats
Printing an Outsourced purchase order (OPO)Learn how to print Outsourced purchase orders
Printing Purchase orders or Outsourced purchase orders in bulkSee how to quickly and easily print purchase orders in bulk
Adding editable fields to print templatesAn overview of how to use the PDF Editor and add editable fields to a PDF template
Create and edit custom print templatesHow to create and edit custom print templates
Adding fields to a custom templateHow to add data fields into your Katana template using the PDF Editor
Hiding/displaying templates in print menusHow to hide or show printouts in print menus?
Reordering templates in print menusHow can I reorder print templates in print menus?
Adding a company logo or image to a PDF templateHow to add my company logo or images to PDF templates
Editing the header and footer on a PDF templateHow to edit the header and footer on PDF templates
Managing tables and containers on a PDF templateHow to manage tables and containers on PDF templates
Additional support for customizing templatesWhere to find further support on customizing templates