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Basics of custom print templates
Basics of custom print templates

Katana enables you to add your own look and feel to PDF printouts

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Template customization is only available on an Advanced or higher subscription.

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide on how to create and edit print templates, click here.

Katana enables you to add your own look and feel to PDF printouts. Katana uses a third-party tool - PDF Generator API to allow customization of your templates. Customization provides wide flexibility to adjust the printouts to your needs in order to support your workflows, as an example:

  • Adding logo for your brand image and consistency (open tutorial here)

  • Changing the header, footer for a more personalized look and feel (open tutorial here)

  • Managing data fields on the template for including more necessary data for your workflow (open tutorial here)

  • Adding barcodes on the printout for an easier picking process in the delivery/shipping workflow (see a sample here)

  • Adding payment terms, bank details, etc to an invoice template for sending out to your customers

If you are stuck and need help setting up your new templates please see here for support.

Few definitions to help to get you started:

  • Document type - a document with its own set of data fields; for example sales order with data fields related to Sales Order, quote with Quote data fields.

  • Base template - a template that is available for all users from initial signup. Documents have multiple variants of templates available (eg. from sales order document you can print "Packing list" and "Sales order" templates).

  • Custom template - Advanced and higher subscription users can use base templates to generate fully custom templates depending on their own needs. These will be available for all users in the company on a specific document type (eg. if you use "Packing list" as a base then your new template will be visible on the sales order document)

  • PDF Editor - a third-party tool for editing PDF layout and data fields. Katana is seamlessly integrated with the PDF Editor tool provided by PDF Generator API.

Read further here about how to start customizing templates and the basics of the PDF Editor.

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