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Create and edit custom print templates
Create and edit custom print templates

How to create and edit custom print templates

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This article covers the basic flow of how to access the PDF Editor. Read here all about the basics of the editor.

Need help with the templates?
PDF Editor has an extensive support portal available here: and is responsive in chat to help you out with any questions regarding your templates. Please see here if you are stuck and need further assistance.

How to customize print templates

1. Open the Settings screen in Katana

2. Select Print templates from the left menu or click here:

3. Find the document type that you want to customize (eg. "Sales order templates" includes all Sales order document-related template variations)

4. Click + Add new

5. Select one of the existing base templates to use as your starting point

Tip: To use already an existing custom template as a base click on the 3-dots icon and choose Duplicate

6. A copy of the existing template is added to the list. Click the 3-dots icon and choose Edit to open the PDF Editor

7. A separate tab with PDF Editor is opened

8. Read further about the options in the PDF Editor

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