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Basics of PDF printing
Basics of PDF printing

Printing in Katana are available for all documents in PDF format

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In Katana, printing is available in PDF format for all documents (Sales orders, Manufacturing orders, etc). These printouts are used to either send orders to external partners (vendors, customers) or for internal use to hand out tasks in production.

Printing a PDF in Katana

There are multiple predesigned base templates in Katana for each document, and you can pick a relevant template for each. For example, sending a Purchase order or RFQ to a vendor or a Sales order, or a quote to a customer.

You'll find different printing options within the print dropdown that open from the print icon throughout Katana:

You can also manually reorder and show/hide what templates are displayed in print menus.

Customizing print templates

Users on a Standard, Professional, or Professional Plus plan can use any of the existing base templates to create custom templates for their own use.

Customization provides flexibility to adjust the printouts to the needs of your workflows. Find out about the basics of custom print templates and how to add editable fields.

Katana uses a third-party service PDF Generator API to allow customizations to templates. If you are stuck and need help setting up templates, please head here for support.

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