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Adding a company logo or image to a PDF template
Adding a company logo or image to a PDF template

How to add my company logo or images to PDF templates

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This article gives you an overview on how to use the PDF Editor and add your company logo to a PDF template. Add a logo helps convey your branding on PDF documents and gives a consistent look and feel to customers.

Watch the video below about the image component:

Adding a logo to PDF template

  1. Open the editor (see here)

  2. Click on the image component that you want to add to the template (eg. Text)

  3. Move the component to where you want it on the template. Make sure there's space for the logo to fit in the location.

  4. There are three options when adding an image to a template:

    1. Image URL (preferred for adding logo) - Copy-paste a publicly accessible URL of your image in the "value" field

    2. Insert data field (does not apply for adding a logo) - URL or a base64 value from a data field can be rendered into a picture

    3. Select local file (preferred for adding logo) - select a file from your computer

  5. Resize the component to fit on the template (if needed)

  6. Always preview (shortcut ctrl/cmd + P) your template in PDF format and Save (shortcut ctrl/cmd + S) your work.

Other things to consider when adding images

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