Using the Buy screen

Manage all of your Purchase orders in one place with the Buy screen

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The Buy screen helps you to manage the purchasing activities for your business. From this screen, you can see all Purchase orders (PO), Outsourced Purchase orders (OPO) and change the Delivery status of orders.

The Buy screen displays the PO #, Supplier name, Total amount, Arrival date, and Delivery status for each order. You can sort or filter the table by any of these columns.

Click on a specific PO in the list to open up more details about the order.

Tip: Keep an eye on the Arrival date of your Purchase orders. It turns red if the Arrival date has passed, meaning the supplier is late with the delivery.

Open and Done Purchase orders

When a PO Delivery status is changed to Delivered, the order will automatically move to the Done table of the Buy screen. A PO will move back to the Open table if the status is changed back to Not delivered.

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Outsourced Purchase Orders are listed under the Outsourcing tab in the Buy screen.

Outsourced Purchase orders are used when you are outsourcing your manufacturing fully to your contractors and need to track the ingredients required.

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