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A quick overview of Katana's API
A quick overview of Katana's API

Unlock Katana's full potential with API: automate data flows, create custom integrations, and sync across platforms.

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Katana's API offers powerful custom integration capabilities, allowing businesses to seamlessly automate data movement between Katana and other essential software tools.

From syncing sales orders across e-commerce channels to automating inventory updates, the API opens up a world of efficiency, ensuring that your operations are connected and streamlined. Ideal for businesses looking to enhance their workflow automation and data management.

Note: Katana's API is only available for Professional and Professional Plus plans.

What you can do with Katana's API

  • Sync sales orders automatically with various e-commerce channels, CRM, and accounting solutions.

Tip: Check out our integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

  • Pull inventory data into a e-commerce, CRM, 3PL, WMS, or any other platform.

  • Perform an import of historical sales orders into Katana.

  • Import your products (with variants), customers, and suppliers into Katana.

  • Update inventory using stock adjustments and stock transfers.

  • Create webhooks to send changes to in Katana to other systems (e.g. order created, deleted, edited data or statuses).

  • Automatic sending or importing purchase orders between Katana and a vendor, accounting, or another system.

  • Automate workflows by importing product recipes (BOMs)

Take a look at our API Documentation.

API assistance

If you're looking for some help with API, take a look at the options below:

  • Outsource the process of building custom integrations to an external partner. Check the Integration Partners section in our Partners Directory,

  • Dive into our tech docs - browse through the Developer Portal.

  • Get in touch with our support team via chat, or send us a message at [email protected].

Note: If you are a consultant or a developer looking to build integrations for your customers, check out our Partner Program and join the network.

Your feedback is invaluable. Let us know your thoughts on this article or anything in Katana you'd like to see improved: [email protected]

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