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Integrately allows you seamlessly sync data between Katana and hundreds of apps

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What is Integrately?

Integrately is an integration platform solution that makes it easy to connect to hundreds of other apps in one go. You can choose from ready-to-use automation or set up your own scenarios.

With Integrately, instead of manually dealing with repeated tasks, you can save time by optimizing your workflows through Integrately and focusing on expanding manufacturing and business development.

Find out about scenarios that can work for you by visiting Integrately's tutorials or by clicking here to watch videos on how the whole process works.

Connecting Katana to Integrately enables you to:

  • Set up push notifications, emails, SMS, or Slack messages when a sales order status changes to Packed or Delivered in Katana

  • Export data from different cloud platforms like Google Sheets, OneDrive, etc.

  • Import products, customers, and sales orders from your favorite e-commerce or CRM platform (Square, Zoho CRM, etc)

  • Send sales and inventory data from Katana to shipping platforms (e.g. Shippo, ShipStation)

  • Import deals from other marketing or CRM platforms like Marketo

  • Connect Katana with, Trello, Asana, or other project management platforms

  • Synchronize materials, customers, products, suppliers, and variants added to Katana with another app

NOTE: Use cases are based on Katana functionalities and the apps available in Integrately. Not all workflows have been tested by us.

At the moment, Integrately enables you to trigger actions based on the following from Katana to other apps:

  • Sales order marked as Packed

  • Sales order marked as Delivered

Tip: All Katana fields available as output can be used for automations

You will need both a Katana and Integrately account to begin creating Automations. Sign up to use Katana in Integrately. There are pre-mapped Automation templates to set up the integrations easily - find them here.

It takes only a couple of steps to set up Katana with Integrately.

Katana triggers, actions, and searches in Integrately




Sales order marked as Packed


Sales order marked as Delivered


Sales order


Create Customer


Create Sales order


Create Product


Create Variant


Create Tax Rate








Sales order

Integrately is available for all Katana users, regardless of your plan. More info about Integrately's pricing can be found here. To see what's possible, head to the Katana app page in Integrately and use templates of example workflows to get started.

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