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QuickBooks Online integration basic overview
QuickBooks Online integration basic overview

Integrate QuickBooks Online with Katana to seamlessly synchronize sales, purchases, and inventory data.

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Katana's integration with QuickBooks Online simplifies inventory and financial management by synchronizing sales, purchases, and stock data. This integration allows automatic transfer of sales orders, purchase orders, and stock adjustments, streamlining accounting and ensuring accurate financial records.

Connecting your QuickBooks account to Katana should only take a few minutes, but you can only integrate with QuickBooks Online, not the QuickBooks Desktop version.

How data is managed between QuickBooks and Katana

  1. You can send Sales orders from Katana as invoices to QuickBooks. Read more

  2. You can send Purchase orders from Katana as bills to QuickBooks. Read more. Please note that you must have bills enabled on your QuickBooks account for this functionality to work (you must be subscribed to QuickBooks Essentials package or higher).

  3. You can import all your customers and suppliers from QuickBooks to Katana.

Find out more about how to connect QuickBooks to Katana.

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