QuickBooks Online
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Videos playlist: QuickBooks Online integrationSee how to set up the QuickBooks and Katana integration, how the integration works, and what benefits it provides
QuickBooks Online integration overviewOur QuickBooks integration helps keep your accounting in sync with Katana
How to connect to QuickBooks OnlineLink QuickBooks Online to Katana for easy financial tracking and management.
Options for setting up QuickBooks Online integrationWhen connecting your Katana account to QuickBooks Online, you have two main choices for how the setup is done depending on your needs.
QuickBooks Online tax rates mappingTax rate mapping ensures that taxes are accounted for correctly
Syncing Katana Sales orders to QuickBooks Online as invoicesSync sales orders from Katana to QuickBooks as invoices for accurate financial tracking.
Syncing Katana purchase orders to QuickBooks Online as billsSync POs from Katana to QuickBooks Online as bills for precise financial management.
How to manage multiple currencies with QuickBooks Online integrationSell and purchase in multiple currencies and create accounting documents in QuickBooks that have other currencies than your base currency
Disconnecting QuickBooks OnlineDisconnect in two steps
Reconfiguring a QuickBooks Online integrationReconfigure your QuickBooks Online integration with Katana if it needs updating.
Deleting invoices and bills created in QuickBooks Online via the Katana integrationInvoices and bills created in QuickBooks via Katana integration can only be deleted in QuickBooks
Syncing stock to QuickBooks OnlineHow to sync stock to QuickBooks from Katana data
QuickBooks Online FAQSix of the most common QuickBooks Online questions
Sending Operations costs to QuickBooks Online
Sending Stock adjustments to QuickBooks OnlineHow to sync stock adjustments to QuickBooks Online from Katana