When are the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders pushed from Katana to QuickBooks?

To give you more control over the process, we do not automatically push orders from Katana to QuickBooks. You can push orders to QuickBooks by clicking on the "Create invoice" button for a Sales Order or the "Create bill" button for a Purchase Order in Katana.

Can I import my customers and suppliers from QuickBooks to Katana?

Yes. During the initial connection, you can select to import your customers and suppliers from Katana to QuickBooks. The contacts are later matched when orders are pushed from Katana to QuickBooks.

Should I add new contacts to Katana or QuickBooks first?

Both approaches work. When you add a new contact to Katana, then this contact is automatically created in QuickBooks once a related Sales or Purchase Order is pushed to QuickBooks. You can then add additional info to the contact card in QuickBooks if necessary. When you add a new contact to QuickBooks, you can go through the reconfiguration flow for the integration is Katana (Settings -> Integrations -> Reconfigure for QuickBooks), where you can retrigger the import for customers and suppliers from QuickBooks to Katana. Duplicates will not be created for previously imported contacts.

Does Katana create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks?

No. Katana creates bills in QuickBooks, not Purchase Orders.

Does Katana automatically sync inventory levels to the balance sheet accounts in QuickBooks?

No, Katana records your sales and purchases directly to your selected revenue and expense accounts in the Income Statement. However, you can easily record your stock levels in QuickBooks based on data available in Katana by creating journal entries manually. Some of our customers do this on a regular basis, e.g. monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Read more

Is it possible to push invoices from QuickBooks to Katana?

No, you can only push Sales Orders from Katana to QuickBooks as invoices, not the other way around. We recommend creating Sales Orders in Katana first and then pushing those as invoices to QuickBooks to manage the payment process and record your revenue.

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